Suzie Ivy Mysteries & Thrillers 

Dizzy came into our life 9-months after we lost Charlie, the most awesome Rottweiler in the world. Dizzy came with an entire set of problems. At the top of the list is extreme anxiety. She’s afraid of her own shadow and jumps at noises along with hiding behind us if another animal is in sight. For seven years we babied Dizzy and changed our life to make hers more comfortable. This year, we introduced her to Ava, a Humane Society Rescue and it was love at first sight. Ava has changed Dizzy’s world and turned her into a true Rottweiler. Along with these two special dogs in our life, we live in the forest and we’re lucky enough to have four-legged visitors daily. From the amazing birds to spiders, snakes, ducks, elk, and javelina, they drink our pond dry each night, eat our garden and trees, and our never-ending supply of birdfeed when they’re really hungry. We are blessed and you never know when one of them will show up in a story. I've also included a picture of Bell, the K9 who protected me on the street. She's happily retired now and getting kiddie hugs every day even though her stories live on in the Forever Series.

I stay in touch with my partner who shared adventures with me on the streets. He owned the first K9 I worked with. He sent me pictures of the dog he lost in the line of duty in 2015. His name was Henry. The plaque is his End of Watch. These dog give their lives so officers go home at night,