Suzie Ivy Mysteries & Thrillers 

Puppy paws are waving at you along with Suzie! Welcome to my website. Suzie Ivy mysteries are for all ages. My thriller (coming sooon) is for 14 and up. My mysteries are filled with humor and fictionalized stories from my time on the streets as an officer and detective. Hang onto your shorts and take a ride with Suzie through murder, mayhem, humor, and homicide.

Forever Series

Join Detective Laci Jolett and her adventures with loveable K9s and friends or in some cases, enemies. Available at your favorite retailer.

Suzie Ivy Case Files

When Suzie Ivy's midlife crisis hits, she goes after a long lost dream and fights her way into the police academy. The following 18 weeks are told from the perspective of a 45-year-old woman. With grit and determination, she finds her place and refuses to give up no matter the odds against her. The Suzie Ivy Case Files take you on the adventure of Suzie's first two years on the streets before she becomes a detective. Humorous and sometimes heartbreaking, there's something to be said for a grandmother with a special brand of policing in the modern age. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and cheer!  

Exciting News SUMMER 2022

I have been offered a major 3-book contract for my new thriller series, as yet untitled. After polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sent to prison for life plus twenty years, a Utah judge ordered oversight to all law enforcement from police to the county attorney's office in the polygamist territories where Uncle Warren is still the prophet to God. Meet Detective Sergeant Eve Bennet and her diverse team of investigators who want the truth and are willing to risk their lives to find it. Set in Utah’s polygamist region this thrilling series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Book One – January 2023, Book Two – April 2023, Book Three August 2023. I’ll update with titles and book covers as soon as they are in my hands. Join my mailing list to hear the news first. Suzie’s Mailing List    

Suzie Ivy is a retired sex crimes and homicide detective. She began writing to alleviate stress during tough cases. Her K9s Dizzy and Ava are never far from her side and they somehow manage to keep up with her. A martial arts enthusiast and owner of a self-defense gym, Suzie loves kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do while mixing things up with Krav Maga and Aikido. When not working out, hiking or writing, you’ll find her contemplating her next novel. She’s a USA TODAY bestselling author of more than 50 books writing under three names. Her idea of relaxation is cooking up something yummy and vegan in the kitchen.